Top 6 Best Low Maintenance Pets in Yalesville, CT

best low maintenance pets in yalesville ct

Are you looking for a pet, but want something low maintenance? Have you decided dogs and cats are a little too much for you, but still want something to care for? If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, you’ll find information to help you choose the best low-maintenance pet for your needs. Keep in mind that all pets do require some care and attention, and it’s important to consider their needs before impulse buying any animals. However, by choosing one of the low-maintenance pets on the list below, you can give yourself a good heat start when it comes to taking care of your new friend. Read on to learn more.


Ball Python

Anyone who is comfortable being around snakes is sure to enjoy having a pet ball python. These are some of the lowest maintenance snakes currently available as pets, and since they do not have sharp teeth or venom, they are very safe to handle. They are also docile and calm, making them a good choice for adults and children alike.

Ball pythons must be fed every week or so, and it is best to feed them frozen thawed rats or mice. You must also clean the waste out of their enclosures every week or so. Otherwise, their care is extremely minimal, outside of paying attention to their heating and lighting.


If you aren’t afraid of spiders, a tarantula may be the right pet for you. These pets need to be fed live insects regularly, but otherwise do not require much care. It is important to pay attention to their humidity, however, so they can molt successfully when the time comes.

Tarantula tank setups are the most important part of their care. After you get the initial enclosure set up and the parameters correct, your tarantula is relatively self-sufficient outside of its feeding days.

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are one of the easier and lower maintenance options that are popular with most people. They require a lot of space to run around, and since they can’t climb, this space must all be horizontal. They also require a lot in the way of nutrition. However, once you understand their nutritional needs and have enough room for them, they are easy.

Children can get involved with caring for and playing with guinea pigs, and this makes them a great family pet. It is best to have several guinea pigs at once, instead of just one, for their own wellbeing.

Betta Fish

Betta fish are a good choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance fish tank, but keep in mind that they do need more care than a simple vase with a flower in it. These betta vases were popular in the past, but they are actually quite cruel and do not provide enough space or enrichment for the fish.

If you have at least a five-gallon fish tank, you can set up a good space for your betta. You will only need the initial setup with a low-speed filter, and from there, you’ll need to keep up with cleaning and feeding. Otherwise, these pets require very little else.

Hermit Crab

Hermit crabs are simple pets, but they are not as easy as some pet stores might have you think. In fact, it is very harmful to the crabs to keep them in the small containers and brightly painted shells they are typically sold with. Do not plan to keep your hermit crab in this kind of situation for more than a couple of days!

Once you have upgraded your crab to a better “crabitat” for its needs, the rest of the care is minimal. Your crab will need moisture, food, and cleaning every now and then, but will otherwise be a low-maintenance pet to add to your household.

Leopard Gecko

If you’re interested in trying a lizard, a leopard gecko may be right for you. The initial setup for your leopard gecko’s terrarium will require some attention to detail, but once you have the right parameters, it is easy to keep a gecko with relatively minimal care.

Geckos do need to be fed at least once a week, and must be fed live crickets or worms. If you are comfortable doing this, you should have no trouble taking care of your leopard gecko for many years to come.


All pets require some care, attention, and knowledge to keep them healthy, safe, and happy. Even if you bring home a tarantula, you need to know how to take care of it first!

If you don’t feel like a pet commitment is right for you, consider starting with houseplants and going from there. Once you’ve had a chance to take care of plant needs for a while, you may be more prepared for a low-maintenance pet instead.

If you have any questions about the best low maintenance pets, feel free to give us a call at (203) 265-1646! Here at Yalesville Veterinary Hospital, we are ready to help you and your pet!